Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Nur für über 40jährige ....

Das habe ich beim rumssurfen hier : gefunden und fand es so lustig und ( leider) auch sooo wahr !!!

30 Signs the Big 'Four-O' is Coming

1. A teenager asks "who's Hall and Oates?"
2. You ask a teenager "who the hell is Hannah Montana?"
3. Teenagers annoy you!
4. You hear 'Get into the Groove' on the oldies station and remember dancing to it when it first came out.
5. You own tape cassettes.
6. You start eyeing the one piece swimsuits as you browse through all those tiny bikinis.
7. You remember where you were when Elvis died.
8. You know what a Commodore 64 is.
9. You fondly recall wearing leg warmers...and still think they're cool...not to mention practical in winter time!
10. You start going to more funerals than weddings.
11. In second grade you thought your teacher was old... now you are even older.
12. You remember the first cell phones.
13. You still use a VCR.
14. Grandparents don't seem so old - you've met Grandparents your same age.
15. Your husband's co-worker says he was only 8 when 90210 was on TV...after doing some simple math you realize you're 14 years older than him.
16. You just can't remember who shot J.R.
17. A good night out on the town means driving to a Chinese restaurant for a take-out and stopping off at Blockbusters on the way home.
18. When they find out your age young people say 'I didn't know you were that old.'
19. You start hanging around with sixty year olds so you can feel like the baby of the group.
20. Family members start saying annoying things like 'you're not getting any younger.'
21. You start seriously thinking about the pension plan you haven't got.
22. You start complaining that the music is too loud at your favorite bar.
23. You remember when you had three TV stations to choose from and they all went off the air at night.
24. You just can't stay up all night drinking any more...and show up for work.
25. You start thinking that maybe you need to act more responsible and mature.
26. You fall asleep during movies.
27. You start saying things like 'when I was a kid, things were different' or 'kids today have it easy', and 'we had to walk to school...and back.'
28. You think today's music is crap, just like what your dad said about eighties music.
29. You remember when all kids played outside...where are they now?
30. You start believing the phrase 'you're only as old as you feel' and you still feel 25 so bollocks to everyone! ( bollocks - musste ich nachschauen - heisst soviel wie '' Schei.... drauf )

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